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Who whe are

Goldlabel, Lda was established in February 2008, based on the perception of the needs of its target market, since there were no companies at that time offering the most appropriate solutions.
Thanks to his vision and experience, the company founder brought together the material and technological means, as well as a group of extensively experienced professionals, to build the company he had idealized. This knowledge cluster resulted in a company founded on cutting-edge technology, with a costumer service just short of the "just-in-time" concept, and a quality control that is both strict and scalable to any level of customer demand.
The experience gained since its inception, the constant technological innovation, the investment in and improvement of its services, have been a constant feature through which Goldlabel maintains its matrix and growth.
Currently the company has industrial clusters in Portugal and Morocco This allows the company to be in touch with the needs of new markets, whether regular customers or new patrons looking for our wide-ranging business solutions and services.


We have a wide range of products.

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The range of products offered by Goldlabel reflects the company's growth and comprises a great variety of solutions, including, among others, the following categories: Labels, Corporate Image, Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Stationery, Packaging, Graphic Finishing, among others.

Quality control

Goldlabel has implemented a quality system with several internal and external control methods, namely: confirmation analysis of harmful components in raw materials and compliance of our suppliers with international occupational health and safety standards.
This system also includes, as a standard process in the company's operation, quality and conformity tests for all our products in order to nurture and develop a working environment devoted to continuous self-improvement, with high market satisfaction standards and unfaltering improvement of our production processes.
Taking advantage of the relocation to new premises with about 8000 m2, Goldlabel is already implementing the ISO 9001 system.
Furthermore, the company was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®

(FSC® Nº APCER-COC -150295 License FSC-C068193) about 6 years ago, and also has been awarded with the Oeko-tex textile certification.


Management Policy

Attraction policy

Goldlabel's general strategy is to ensure the company's continued success, in particular through the expansion of its business concept and the agglutination of new services and products, so that it can continue to provide its customers with the solutions stemming from the requirements of an increasingly global and demanding market.
For that purpose, resorting to new technologies, workflows, platforms and distribution facilities are crucial elements from the point of view of proximity and evolution.
The potential of Goldlabel's corporate customers is and always will be the source of inspiration to improve our production flow and even to implement new segments as part of that flux, so that all customers may also acknowledge this supplier as a high-potential partner, a potential that shall always be confirmed as a real solution.
Our company's visibility will always be synonymous with promptness, precision and an unfaltering partnership with an impact on the definition of excellent results. Our constantly evolving structure so allows it.


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